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Thread: Traditional Tamil wedding Rituals

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    Traditional Tamil wedding Rituals

    Hi Friends, I am basically from pune, I have been to Chennai a couple of days before for a friends wedding who is a tamilian. He was my college mate and i happened to be there in his whole marriage. It was so much customs and but I could not understand it. But I enjoyed a lot, this is just a curious to know complete rituals of tamilian marriage can any of you explain me please..

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    Hello Mr. Kamlesh, Hope you enjoyed the complete customs let me explain you how its,

    1) Once its decided that the kundali is matching for both girl and boy, it is the first custom that both the sides have to do bring a plate full of bananas, coconuts and betel leaf. To mark the occasion, the girls is gifted a silk sari while the boy is also given cash or clothes by their respective in-laws.
    2) Sumangali Prarthanai All married womens do this pooja to the women who died before her husband are considered lucky and called Sumangali.
    3) Kalyanaponnu/Kalyanappillai This is the bathing ritual for the bride and the groom. After this bath they are supposed to leave their homes till the marriage.
    4) Nandi Devata Pooja
    5) Navgraha Pooja
    6) Vritham In this ritual they will tie a holy thread on her wrist to
    7) Nicchiyadharatham - The bride's parents perform a Ganesh Puja after which the girl comes and sits out. She is applied a tilak of chandan and kumkum and gifted a new sari by her the groom's family even as the pallav of the sari she is wearing is filled with fruits, paan supari, turmeric, kumkum, coconut and flowers.
    8) Mangalasnanam
    9) Gauri Pooja
    10) Kaasi Yatra
    11) Pada Pooja
    12) After these customs, the groom will be taken to the mantap and exchanging the garland and with the blessings all he will tie the knot to the bride... Hope you understood well!!

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