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Thread: Marriage Card Matter in English

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    Marriage Card Matter in English

    Hi all,

    My uncle has fixed my cousinís wedding. The wedding is in the month of February. He is busy in searching for the best invitation wordings from now itself. Though my cousin has chosen words for the invitation to invite his friends, my uncle is in search of finest and auspicious words for a traditional wedding card.

    Can anyone give few samples for the invitation card wordings in English???

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    Hi Friend,

    Sample 1

    The Families of
    Bride and Groom’s Parents’ Names
    request the pleasure of the company of
    To grace the suspicious occasion of the wedding ceremony of their granddaughter or grandson
    Bride Name with Groom Name
    Daughter of Bride’s Parent Son of Groom’s Parent

    On Day, Date, Month and Year
    At Venue Details
    Jaan Arival at ‘Timing’ Wedding Ceremony at ‘Timing’

    With Best Wishes from
    Please accept this card as personal invitation
    RSVP is requested

    Marriage is not only the beginning of a relationship but also the end of a lifelong search for the other half of your soul”

    Sample 2

    Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah
    Bride or Groom’s Parents’ Names
    Request the pleasure of your presence to witness
    the marriage ceremony of their son or daughter
    Bride Name
    Groom Name
    Son or Daughter of ------
    On Day, Date, Month and Year at ‘Time’
    Venue Details


    Groom’s Arrival - Timing
    Wedding Ceremony - Timing
    Lunch - Timing

    No boxed Gifts Please

    Anyone having more samples, please come forward to share it here!!!

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