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Thread: Islamic Wedding Invitation Design

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    Islamic Wedding Invitation Design

    Hi friends!!

    Please suggest me some wedding card designs for Islamic wedding. It should be unique idea and simple, good looking also... soon replies will be appreciated..

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    On my sisterís wedding, we went for card selection in Chennai it was a big showroom for card designing. You can search something like that and choose your card!!
    All The Best

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    Card designing

    Go to your city's big card vendors or card show rooms, most of these places will have a lot of samples for cards designs and wording for the weddings.

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    Mostly Muslim religion people will love to fill their surrounding with Green and White ambiance, this signifies peace and purity. They also tend to keep their house and themselves aromatic always to feel fresh.
    Likewise I wish even the wedding invitation card can be decorated with Islamic words on a scented Green card.
    Green color has different shades like emerald, Sea green and olive you can select either of them!!

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