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Thread: Mehndi Party Decoration Ideas

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    Mehndi Party Decoration Ideas

    Hello everyone,

    My friend, who is going to get married by next month, is looking for colorful ideas for Mehendi Party Decoration. This is the first wedding in her home. Though everything is planned in advance, her family members are worried about the arrangement and the decoration.

    I am looking for some ideas for the Mehndi Party Decoration to make it a perfect one.

    Eagerly waiting for your valuable replies!!!

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    Hi Friend,

    Be selective when you make out your invitations. Mehndi parties are typically more meaningful, if you keep it small and intimate. Invite only the close friends and female relatives whom you want to be present at your party.

    Here are some tips to plan for a perfect Mehendi Party:

    First think about creating a theme with fitting Mehndi decorations.
    For instance, if you are planning to have a mehndi party during the spring, summer or early Fall, then you may consider an outdoor evening party.

    You could install Moroccan Bedouin tents in your garden with lush interior decorations in the tents - pillows, cushions, handmade rugs, lamps, candles etc.
    If you do this, you should plan on having a generator installed too, so that you can have lights in the interior of the tents.

    If you prefer something more low-key, then consider having at your home, or in a restaurant.
    If you go with the restaurant, then you should plan to asking the restaurant to help with the decorations and catering.

    Ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions. To be on the safe side, plan on having both vegetarian and non-vegetarian courses - can't go wrong there!

    Have more fun!!!

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