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Thread: Tamil Iyer Engagement Procedure

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    Talking Tamil Iyer Engagement Procedure

    Can someone suggest the complete procedure of Tamil Iyer’s engagement.. I would like to know more about Tamil Iyer Engagement procedure..

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    May I know for what purpose you want the details?
    I have given you the full details of of Tamil Iyer Engagement procedure..

    The engagement procedure mostly happens at boy’s home or hall booked by boy’s parents..
    They arrange foods as well..
    The girl brings seer to the engagement hall along with all her relatives and friends..
    The boy’s side present Saree and jewels to the girl that she has to wear during engagement..
    Similarly, girl’s side present costume and jewels to boy..
    The seer includes Parupu Thengai, Mangal, Kumkumam, Sandhanam, Flowers, Garlands, Beetle Leaf, nuts, fruits, Saree, sweet like tharattipaal (Milk Khoa), Barfi, Laddoos, etc..
    The priest will solemnize the function. He will read the lagna pathrikai (Wedding date, time along with bride and grooms name)..
    After all these formalities, everyone will have delicious lunch happily..

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    India is basically known for its culture tradition etc.....the Indian weddings are really amazing. There are differnet religions each of them will have a unique tradition of wedding. The iyengar weddings will be so nice to see. There are lots of stuffs involved in it. Unlike other Indian weddings they will book the hall, where the girl’s side will get some jewels and the same thing is with the boy’s side as well. The rings will be exchanged; the lagna pathrika will be read and the marriage date will be fixed.

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