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Thread: Short Moral Stories For Kids For Competition

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    Short Moral Stories For Kids For Competition

    My neighboring aunty has a small kid who is 6 years old.. He is having story telling competition in his school.. Aunty requested me to teach him story.. I don’t know what to teach.. Can you friends please suggest me Moral stories for kids??? It will be great helpful for me..

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    This is very sweet.. Teaching story to a kid is one of the cutest thing in the world.. Dear, don’t miss this chance.. I know few stories.. I have written below.. Teach him and enjoy the moment..
    A Fisherman and a Sprat:

    A fisherman had been fishing for along time but without luck. At last he tugged at his net and saw a small fish caught in it.
    "Please let me go," begged the fish, "I will grow bigger in a few days and then you can catch me again."
    The fisherman said, "Now that I have caught you I won't let you go. If I leave you, I may never see you again."
    MORAL: A bird in hand is worth two in bush.

    The Lark in the Corn-field:

    Once a Lark made her nest in a corn-field. Soon she laid eggs in it. After a few days small babies hatched out of them.
    One day the baby-larks overheard the farmer say, "I will call my neighbors to reap this field."
    The Baby-larks got alarmed to hear this and told their mother about it.
    "Don't worry," said the mother.
    Some days later, the farmer came again and said, I will call my relatives to reap this field." The baby-larks afraid again.
    Fear not," said their mother.
    But the next day the farmer came there with his little son and said, "I will reap this field tomorrow."
    "Now is the time to go. When a man says he will do the work himself, he will certainly do it," said the mother-lark.
    MORAL : Don't fear hollow threats.

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