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Thread: Honeymooning Travel Tips for the Newly Married

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    Honeymooning Travel Tips for the Newly Married

    Hi Friends,

    My sister got married recently and has decided to go for a Honeymoon to Maldives. We are always close like friends, so she called me over the phone for asking about the tips for her Honeymoon Travel. Being single, I am unaware of it.

    Can anyone list all the guidelines to be followed while honeymoon travel for the newly wedded couples???

    Share your valuable replies here!!!

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    Honeymoon is the most memorable time for newly married couples to relax after a wedding and spend quality time together. So everyone must be careful in designing the honeymoons which should be more romantic. Above all, this should give fun and excitement to both the partners.

    Here are some of the friendly honeymooning tips on traveling for a newlywed couple:

    Always keep the light (either it may be a torch or a flash light) with you.
    Minimize your luggage because many of the people travelling with a heavy bag will always face problems especially during transit. This also helps you to move around easily without any trouble.

    Wherever your honeymoon maybe, plan time for relaxation. Enjoy one another's company which is very important to support the romantic aspects of your honeymoon.
    If you are visiting the place for the first time, explore the city, and try to learn about the culture over there. This will help you get to know each other better.

    Pack neutral colored clothes, and makeup items, so that your bags are light.
    Neutral shades of clothes and makeup will make you look better.

    Instead of going out to dinner each night, order room service and spend the evening in your hotel.
    Have a couple's massage in your room to add romance to your honeymoon.

    Shoot out photos with one another which help the couples to bond during the trip. After each activity, look at the photos you have taken.
    Always write down what you thought of the activity together at the end of the day. This will allow you to cherish the time you spent together in that moment.

    Surprise your partner with a bubble bath or unexpected shopping trip while on your honeymoon. Your surprise should be integrated into your vacation, though be unexpected. You can also surprise your partner with an activity that he/she may have never done before, like a hot-air balloon ride.

    Have a wonderful time!!!

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    And tel them not to fix schedule so tight. Otherwise most of time will go in travelling from here to there.

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    Ask her to plan everything first and ask them to keep the tickets, money and valuable in a safely and Please dont travel after dark..! these are the main tips that will in my list of things in my travel plans.

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