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Thread: Help needed in career guidance!

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    Help needed in career guidance!

    Hi, I completed my graduation in commerce stream, have always been interested in financial sector jobs but never got a break due to lack of knowledge, i am stuck with call centres for over 4 years and want to get out of it, could you please suggest what i should do to get into investment banking or something better in financial sector.

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    Hi, Kaushik
    Firstly stop condemning yourself! Without knowledge it’s impossible to complete Graduation especially commerce/accountancy. You have all capabilities but you’re not motivating yourself.

    Workouts required for you @ this state is:-

    • During leisure times read and exercise on subjects like income tax/Finance/Marketing/Accountancy

    • Keep forwarding your resume to all kind of accounting and financial industries.

    • Don’t neglect if you get offer @ micro organizations coz that is the place you will have chance to learn more and more.

    • Don’t expect high salary in the initial stage.

    • Keep trying until you succeed.

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