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Thread: Indian Railway Train Timings

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    Indian Railway Train Timings

    Hi Friends,

    My grandpa always used to travel only in train. To know the train timings, he’ll always have the latest Indian Railways Timetable book with him. This time, he had no time to buy, as he was not well. He asked me to check for the train timings through the internet.

    I just want to know, how and where to get the correct schedule of a particular train???

    Please help me!!!

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    Hi Mahesh,

    As you said, your granna used to travel only by train, then he might have familiar with the names of the trains from a particular junction. Ask him about the name of the train or the train code.

    • Then log into http://www.indianrail.gov.in.
    • You will find a panel in the left side of the window. Then click on the ‘Train Schedule’.
    • Then a window appears asking for the Train Name/Number. Type the necessary information you know about the particular train.
    • Then click on the ‘Get Schedule’ Button.
    • Then you will get all the information related to the particular train like – train number, train name, train source, departure time, train destination and arrival time.

    You can also get the train codes, train running information, availability, etc through this Indian Railways web portal.

    Hope, this information could be useful to you!!!

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