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Thread: Initiating Cleanliness in Children

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    Question Initiating Cleanliness in Children

    I have a 4 year old at home and I think it is high time I start initiating cleanliness into him. Am I too late? Can anyone suggest good tips on this.

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    Not too late, so don’t worry!!
    This is the right period of time to teach cleanliness for a kid.…

    Well, Follow these instructions to teach child about cleanliness
    • For a child teaching anything with examples is the best way of tutoring!
    • Keep learning procedure with fun, so that will not affect kid to be aggressive or adamant!
    • Teach step by step process and remind it often!
    • Motivate/ encourage / Cheer up kid for all its successful activities!
    • Go over same process to make child perfect!
    • Do not punish child for its fault!

    The cleaning lesson includes topics like:-
    1. How To Keep Self Hygiene
    2. How To Keep Surrounding Clean
    3. Afforestaion Class
    4. How To Eat
    5. How To Keep Bathroom Clean

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