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Thread: Best Food In Rainy Season

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    Best Food In Rainy Season

    Rainy Season passed away. Itís time for winter.
    Hope you all enjoyed the short span of rainy days very much.
    I want to ask you the most interesting question and that is, what is the best food you had in this rainy season.
    Share your experience about the delicious food you always want to have during heavy rainfall..

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    I love rainy season very much,,, I love to go for outing during rainy season,,, Whenever I go I take a flask of coffee, because I like to drink a cup of hot coffee on rainy day,,
    Secondly, I like hot and spicy tomato soup..
    Apart from these I like to have Onion bhajji, garam-garam vada paav, moong dal ke pakode aur pudine ki chutney, veg-Biriyani, grilled sandwiches, etc.
    I would like to eat hot coz the temperature out will be drastically down..

    Friends, what about you? List the name of your favorite dish that you like to have on downpour?

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    just avoid eating food from outside home...

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    Hi friends,

    Homemade foods are always healthy, and they wonít cause any side-effects too. Whatever you prepare at your home that can be even oats Ė this is meant to be so healthy and delicious. Outside foods are always harmful to our body. To give an attractive look to the delectable, lots of colors and flavors are added, which are the unsafe toxins to our health. If you want to eat something luscious and hot during the rainy season, ask someone to prepare at home, or you can try these chats at home.

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