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Thread: Awesome Gifts To Give Your Best Friend

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    Awesome Gifts To Give Your Best Friend

    What is the best gift that you have presented to your dear friend and how was their reaction?
    I have presented a sketch of mother Mary with infant Jesus in her hand which was depicted by me to my very dearest friend for Christmas. She felt very happy. She hugged me and thanked me for this wonderful gift.

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    Hii friends!!
    Once I have presented a personalized photo frame to my best friend on her birthday. She told me that photo frame is the best gift she ever got in her life.
    So friends, you can also present a personalized key chain, pillow, mug, notebook, crystal, etc… to your best friends. I am sure they will like your gift and it will be a memorable one too..

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    I have posted these ideas somewhere in this forum, but still I would like to list these most cherishing prank gift ideas that I had presented to my friend during Christmas eve!

    In a decorative box I had filled Thermacol balls and placed packet of mixture in middle and wrapped well. On top of the package I affixed message card telling “Mixture of Love”

    Fish Bowl with all original aquarium accessories including fish!

    Inside a jewel box I located pumice stone decorated with artificial kundan gems and wrote a letter telling, “Sorry I couldn’t afford Gold ring for this beautiful gem stone”

    Prank concept on “Global warming” “GO GREEN”
    I took 3 plastic glasses and Marked Agmark symbol for ensuring it as Recycle, Recovery & Reuse Plastic. In side those plastic glasses I filled sand and instead of original bushy plants I sowed bunch of Curry leaves, Coriander leaves and Mint leaves

    Well, all the above listed are prank ideas, apart from this I would like to suggest few valuable gifts that offer pleasant surprises to friends.

    Photo Mat of a Friend.
    Gift Baskets that include cosmetics, fashion accessories & travel kit.
    Handmade Crafts.
    Soft toys.
    Beautifully scribbled letters.

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