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Thread: Healthy Vegetable Juice Recipes Weight Loss

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    Healthy Vegetable Juice Recipes Weight Loss

    Due to stressful and sedentary life, we don’t get time to take care of our health which results in various disorders and diseases. The most common factor that affects us because of sedentary life is Obesity. The main cause of obesity is eating junk food, untimely food intake, stress, etc… Obesity makes way to various other diseases or disorders like kidney disorder, indigestion, heart disease, osteoarthritis and many others.
    In India, according to the latest studies almost 1 in 5 men and over 1 in 6 women are overweight. Obesity has reached epidemic proportion in India.
    Long years ago man used live for more than 100 years, but today hardly few cross 70 years of age. All the because of pressures, trauma and intake of unhealthy food.
    Let us change our eating habits. Let us eat vegetables and fruits more than other junk foods to have a longer life.
    For longer life, we should reduce our weight.
    Vegetables help to lose weight. Vegetables have little or no fat. It contains nutrients that are essential to our body.
    Friends! Eating raw vegetables is not at all possible and many don’t like to eat raw vegetables. Instead we can have vegetable juices.
    Guys.. Share the recipes of Healthy Vegetable Juice that helps to lose weight..
    These tips and ideas will help many to reduce the weight to live a healthy and strong life..
    Waiting for Replies!

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    Hii Anchal!
    That was a great topic and valuable information about Obesity too.
    It’s really important to reduce our weight to live longer and the scientific research has also proved the same.

    As anchal said, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to reduce weight.
    I have mentioned a small vegetable juice recipe that helps in weight lose.
    Try it once and I am sure you will get benefitted.


    Chop the vegetables and grind them to make juice by adding water.
    Take a juice in a jar, add salt to taste.
    Add small pinch of Red chilli Powder.
    Add few drops of lemon juice..
    Mix it well.
    Your healthy drink with very low calories is ready.

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    drink lots of water before eating and salad

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    Hi Aanchal,

    Here is another healthy and effective veggie juice recipe, which helps you to reduce your weight naturally… This is also a refreshing and delicious low calorie juice.

    ACC Juice (Apple Carrot Celery):


    2-3 apples
    2 carrots
    2 celery sticks
    2 tablespoon lemon juice

    Method of Preparation:

    • Core the apples.
    • Peel, and cut carrots.
    • Add apples, carrots, and celery and lemon juice to a mixer and blend well.

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    Kailua Kona

    Hello Everyone...

    always try to eat healthy food like green vegetables, salad, and avoid oily food and fast food also..
    this is very benificial for the health

    the spa at kona beach hotel

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    Hi friends,
    Nice to see your replies..
    A special thanks to Shabana_bgm and Sugana Dabhi..
    Both have given a wonderful and healthy Vegetable Juice Recipe..
    This will be a magic drink to all those who want to reduce their weight and lead a healthy life..
    As heykevin said, drink lot of water before and after consuming foods.. Water doesn’t allow the conversion of fatty acids into fats and cholesterol.
    And thanks to antirocks for sharing your views..

    Try these healthy drinks at home.. I hope you will surely like it.. Share these recipes with your friends, family and neighbors..
    Friends we require still more healthy drink recipes..
    New recipes are most welcome…

    Let’s take an oath to make India a “Healthy India”…

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    Hey you can have a balance diet that helps in loosing weight

    Apart from juice you can have foods that are low in calories and high on nutrition

    I think you can try the recipes mentioned in the e-book published by Stepathlon

    Google Stepathlon healthy recipe and check all the recipes mentioned in it.

    These are easy to make at home and are very nutritious.

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