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Thread: Cool Gifts For Mom

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    Cool Gifts For Mom

    Hello friends!!
    Letís have a wonderful discussionÖ
    There is no one in the world who doesnít like their mother.
    Everyone would love to gift her on some or the other occasions like her birthday, wedding day, motherís day and sometime even on your birthday because she gave you a wonderful life.
    So guys, what are the cool gifts that we can present to our mother.

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    Wow! Tats a cool topic!
    I love my mom very very much.. She is my all in all.. I am trying to say is she is my friend, well-wisher, advisor, etc.. etc..
    I always celebrate her birthday and Motherís day grandly..
    For her birthday I presented a large size photo frame that has 20 photos of my mother..
    I had her teenage photograph, her marriage pics, the snap in which she was holding me in her palm when I was born, and many more. I sorted all the images and made a large size photo frame..

    I hope this is one of the cool gift for a mother..

    And you know, Gifts are not at all enough for a mother to thank her for bringing us in this beautiful world.

    Itís not necessary that you have to buy costly gifts for her to make her happy..
    Even a kiss is enough for her to make her happy.

    Do you guys have any other gift ideas for mom?
    I have shared mine.. What about yours?
    Common.. Do reply to this post..

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    Hey all,

    I think there is not even a single person in the worlds who do not love his mom.......................

    I like my mom very much, infact i can say that she is my inspiration. Being a mom she has so many responsibilities like nurturing the child, providing the things that the child needs etc...

    She has given me so many gifts on different occasions like my birthday, children's day etc...But not even once i have gifted her. But this time on her birthday i gave her a collage of my momís pick right from her childhood till now she really liked it. There are some more cool gifts for mom like jewelry, sarees, a bundle of flowers piled up together etc.....

    Every mom do not expect any gift, they need only the love, affection and obedience. If you be more caring and loving towards her i think than that there is no other best gift for your mom.

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