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Thread: what is the procedure to get divorce in india. and how much time it takes.

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    what is the procedure to get divorce in india. and how much time it takes.

    what is the procedure to get divorce in india. we doesnt have any relation as husband and wife however its only two months of marriage. she had some skin infections like psoriasis in her head and back of the ears and inner ears, nose. If it goes severe it also appears on eye lid. She is using gels and shampoos. Before marriage they never said about her problems. I asked about that to her mother, but she is neglecting about there is no problem with her daughter. Then I took her to christian medical college and hospital for the treatment. Doctor give some prescription to apply on the areas and they said if your are conceived (pregnant) not to apply the drugs, and they said it was only for controllable and it is not able to curable. I was really upset and not able to make sex with her. The whole family cheated me without telling the problems of her. I was severely upset and need to divorse. what are the procedures.

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    I donít know how to console you and divorce is not the right decision for this silly reason, why donít you meet some other reputed doctors of India to cure this disease. Known to my knowledge psoriasis is curable sickness, so kindly think wise and take decisionÖ

    If you think no you donít want to continue rest of your life with this gods child, kindly let me know I will share details on divorceÖ.

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    This issue is not fit for legal procedure, but if both parties wants divorce you can file with mutual consent divorce please make humble talk with your relatives and cast elders.

    krishna Sona

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