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Thread: Sightseeing Places around Kumbakonam

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    Sightseeing Places around Kumbakonam

    Hi friends,

    Our family astrologer has advised us to go to Kumbakonam for Dosha Nivarthi. As this is our first visit to Kumbakonam, we are not aware of the famous places in that city. Can anyone list all the sightseeing places in and around that sacred city of Tamil Nadu?

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    Hi Friend,

    This is the one of the ancient towns in South India and there are about 188 temples are in and around this city. This city is well known for the Mahamagham festival which takes place once in 12 years. I will give you the list of few must see tourist places in and around this place…

    1. Kumbheswara Temple -

    The presiding deity is Lord Kumbheswara and the town derives its name because of this.

    2. Nageshwara Temple -

    This Shiva temple contains a separate shrine for the sun, which is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva at this place. The Nataraja Mandapa is fixed on large wheels carved out of stone and appears like a chariot drawn by horses.

    3. Ramaswami Temple -

    This temple lies to the west of Kumbakonam and is believed to have been constructed in the 16th century by Raghunatha Naik, King of Tanjore.

    4. Sarangapani Temple -

    Sarangapani, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu had performed penance. The central shrine of the temple is in the form of a chariot drawn by horses and elephants with openings on either side, showing the descent of Lord Sarangapani from the heavens in a chariot

    5. Mahamagham Tank -

    This tank is the venue for the famous Mahamagham festival which takes place once in 12 years when Jupiter passes the constellation of Leo. The tank is situated in the heart of the town covering an area of 20 acres.

    Other Excursion Spots around Kumbakonam are:

    • Gangaikonda Cholapuram (35 km) – For Striking Sculptures
    • Darasuram (3 km) – For great architectural works
    • Karaikal (55 km) - small seaport town
    • Swamimalai (8 km) - Lord Subramanya Temple
    • Tirubhuvanam (5 km) – Kampahareswara Temple
    • Tirunallar (50 km) - Darbhareneswara temple
    • Tranquebar (Tarangambadi) (65 km) – built in Gothic style

    Have a memorable visit!!!

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