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Thread: Working Mothers in Family

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    I hear people all the time critisizing moms for working and putting their children in daycare. Do they think that moms enjoy having someone else caring for their children for 10 hours a day? The fact is that many fathers don't make enough money to completely care for their family financially; Most moms have to pitch in financially. Am i right?

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    Figting financial problems and giving better future to kids is one big motivation factor for working moms. However, there are women who feel that they have good education and should contribute to the society too and make the world a better place not only for their kids but for the kids of other people too. Most working moms also feel that no matter what they do, the child will have to learn to cope up with their lives one day or the other and they can begin as early as possible. Moms will always be there to listen all the problems, to discuss big issues and small, whether they are working or not. Working moms think they can make up with quality time. But to be honest, it sometimes becomes too tiring.

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    The children of working moms suffer lack of mother's care. working women cannot fully concentrate on children. They are more victims of unwanted tensions and sexual harrasments at working places. They miss lot of motherhood and wifehood. But housewives enjoy their life 10 times more than that of working women.

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    it is not true Ramesh!
    it has been also seen that children of working moms are more responsible then other children whose mothers are house wives. it all depends how you are growing them and teaching them.

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