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Thread: How do I check Speed Post Status

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    How do I check Speed Post Status

    Hi friends,

    My cousin is doing her Masters through Correspondence. As her exam centre and the hometown are different, she asked her mom to send few of her credentials and books through Speed Post. My aunt has sent them before 2 days, but still now the post has not yet delivered. I came to know that, the Indian Postal Service has launched a tracking system to track the status of the speed post recently.

    Can anyone guide me, how to track the status of Speed Post through online???
    Please share your replies!!!

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    Yes Friend,

    Now, we can track the status of our Speed post / express parcel online through the official website of PTC. This will give you the real time data about the parcel. Before logging into the site, make sure that you have the unique number to fetch the details regarding your post.

    The steps to track the status of speed post are as follows:

    • Log into the official website of Postal Training Centre and then visit Speed Net Tracking system. services.ptcmysore.gov.in/Speednettracking

    • A window appears asking your article number/ item number.

    • Then give the article/item number. The Article Number should contain 13 characters, i.e., it should start with “E” only and ends with “IN” only. For example, article number should be of the form “EEXXXXXXXXXIN”

    For e.g. Ed929185901IN

    • Then click “Track”

    • You can also provide your email id. This is to get a confirmation mail in your email-id when the item gets delivered. The status can be received through mail.

    • To just track the movement of your speed post, you have to provide the article number to their movement tracking system here: services.ptcmysore.gov.in/Speednettracking/track2.htm.

    Hope, this information could be helpful to you!!!

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    Speed post facility helps people who wanted to transfer the parcels or mails through post on a quicker way.The additional facilities like added post check, will be helpful to people to get or find the information on the status of the speed post prior to sending the parcel or other stuffs. You can find all sorts of information on the status check desk of the offices. The online service is available for customers to track the mails and get the speed post delivery as well. You can even check whether the consignment or parcel that you have sent is been delivered or not. Each and every article will be given a tracking number, you can track the article or parcel through their respective tracking number.

    The procedure which shilpa had mentioned is the right one to track the speed post status.

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