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Thread: How to make abacus for kids at home

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    How to make abacus for kids at home

    Hi all,

    I have two kids one is of age 2 and another one is 3 years old. I have not made them join in any play schools, before sending them to school I want to teach them some basic calculations, you all know that abacus is the best thing for kids to do the calculations manually and easily , so I thought of making abacus right at my home to equip my kids with basic arithmetic skills……………

    So that it will be easy for them while going to school, can anyone please tell me how to make abacus in the home itself

    Thank you!!!!!

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    Hi deepika,

    Abacus is a best way to equip kids with basic math skills; it is one of the easiest and attractive ways of teaching basic arithmetic skills also………………….

    Making abacus in home is not an easy thing; there are lots of things involved in it;

    First I will list out things needed to make abacus right at home;

    • Three craft sticks
    • Bamboo skewers
    • Glue
    • Pencil
    • Beads

    The procedure to make abacus is as follows;

    • Once your things are ready lay three craft sticks on your table while they should be parallel to each other. On each of the craft sticks draw eight evenly spaced line, so that each sticks should be exactly in the same level and another important thing is make sure they are placed down the length of each stick

    • On the lines of the craft sticks align the bamboo skewers. After that slide the two craft sticks at either end of the skewers and place the third craft stick in between the two, exactly one inch away from one side

    • Draw the lines with the pencil and on the craft sticks, and then squash the glue on the pencil marks. On each skewer thread seven different colored beads, after that place the skewers on the craft sticks keeping two beads in the 1-inch area between the two closely spaced craft sticks. After this allow the sticks to dry for some time.

    • Glue the three craft sticks exactly over your first set of sticks. Allow it to dry, glue another three craft sticks over these sticks which are already dried and then allow it to dry completely.

    • After all these above mentioned things are done, flip the dried abacus over, so that the loaded craft sticks are at the bottom, then you can move the beads for computing

    I think this was very much helpful to you

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