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Thread: How to Handle Sibling Jealousy?

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    How to Handle Sibling Jealousy?

    Hello everyone,

    I have 2 nephews. One is of 3 years and another one is of 5 years old. My sister feels so bad to deal with them. Sometimes they behave oddly, and the fights remained unsolved by the seniors in the family. One day, the elder asked my sister, ‘why did you bought new dress for him on my birthday. It’s my day, then why he has to celebrate’? This made my sister to feel a lot about them. She doesn’t know how to deal with the jealousy in their minds in this age.

    Please share your valuable suggestions regarding this!!!

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    Hi Hema,

    This is the correct age to teach them the right and wrong. If you don’t, then this will turn into rivalry in their hearts forever. Here are few steps to be taken from the elders in the family to get rid of the jealousy from the children’s hearts…

    • First try to know the cause of jealousy
    • Once you know the cause, and then teach your older child how to interact properly.
    • Do not leave the children alone together.

    • Teach your older sibling how to give the younger a back rub. Teach him about the soft touches.
    • Praise the older child for a job well done. This teaches him how to be physical with the younger sibling in a positive way.
    • Teach the older sibling how to be helpful with the baby or how to entertain the baby.

    • Whenever you see your older kid touching the younger one gently, make a positive comment. Make a big excitement about the important "older brother." Hug and kiss him and tell him how proud you are.
    • Do not blame a particular child in front of other. Try to flatter them individually.

    • Narrate them a story about the disadvantages of being jealous and make them realize their mistakes of being jealous.
    • Increase your little expressions of love for your child.
    • When your child knows that you realize his feelings, he'll have less need to perform to get your notice.

    • Always be supportive and avoid comparing siblings
    • Praise and encourage whenever possible. Make everyone feel special.

    Hope, this will alleviate the jealousy from their little hearts!!!

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