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Thread: How to Build Child Immunity?

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    How to Build Child Immunity?

    Hello friends,

    My sister gave birth to little baby boy through C-Section. The child’s weight is only of 2.2 KGs and the doctors placed him in incubator for about 15 days. Though he is in good health condition, he is so skinny and fragile. The doctor has prescribed some nutritious drinks to augment his immunity.

    Can anyone tell me, what are all the steps to be taken to build a strong and healthy immune system in a child???

    Please share your valuable replies soon!!!

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    Hi Friend,

    If a mother wants to protect he child from vicious cycle of chronic illness, they should strengthen the immune system of her child. They should keep in mind that, regular use of antibiotics and over-the-counter medications can restrain child's immune systems. This will make them more defenseless to infection.

    Here are the few ways to build a strong and powerful immune system:

    Breast milk - When a woman breastfeeds, antibodies for diseases are passed from a mom to child through her milk.

    Exercise - Keep children active by engaging them in moderate exercises for one to two hours a day. This reduces a child's risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and helps the children to achieve immune-boosting REM sleep.

    Allergies - they work against the immune system by causing inflammation in the body, which dilutes immune defense by mobilizing cells to fight the inflammation. Try to manage the allergies by providing the enough supplements to overcome their sensitivities.

    Fruits and Vegetables – offer them at least five to eight servings of fruits and veggies. This maintains a healthier weight and decreases the risk of diabetes and cancer.

    Nutrient-Dense Snacks – Serve them nuts, seeds, whole grains to replace the empty calories.

    Probiotic Dietary Sources - Feed them yogurt or provide a Lactobacillus acidophilus supplement to minimize harmful bacteria in their system.

    Dirt And Germs – Allow them to expose to a typical environmental bacteria, so that his immune system can build its defenses. Always skip antibacterial soaps.

    Hope, this information could be useful to you!!!

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    hi lakshmi .....

    most important thing is BREAST MILK .... this is the main thing ur sister should be stick on provided tat ur sister producing sufficient milk ....

    tell me few things .... at how many weeks ur sister delivered baby ? whats baby's age now ?

    few things regarding brast milk read my other posts in BABY CARE ....

    consult paediatricain regularly ..... if anything specific u wannna know frm me let me know....

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