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Thread: How do I check Status of Stolen Vehicles

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    How do I check Status of Stolen Vehicles

    Hi Friends!

    We all are aware of the vehicles being stolen by the thief’s. Every day in news we hear about the vehicles that have stolen. And people are very scary to own a vehicle when incidences occur everyday. Be active to take care of your vehicles.

    I am looking for the procedure to check the status of the stolen vehicles, when a vehicle is being stolen by a thief. Please explain the procedure so that it would be useful to everyone.

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    Hi Anu,

    Theft is active all over the world. First step to take forward is to file a FIR in the nearest police station. And there is N number of ways to check the status of the stolen vehicle.

    However it is not a very easy way to catch hold of the culprit.

    Every state Government offers an online service for the stolen vehicles to the public people. Here is the list of facility provided by some of the states governments:

    • Delhi government
    • West Bengal government
    • Maharashtra government

    I hope this piece of information is very useful for public.

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    Hi Anuradha,
    There are various websites available now to trace the stolen vehicle. You need register your details in such websites or you can give a police complaint against stealer. These websites will help you in tracing your vehicle only when your information is correct. These website will ask your vehicles details like chassis, engine number, registration number, etc… that will help these agents to catch the person who has stolen the vehicle easily. And trust me; they really help us in getting our vehicle back.

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