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Thread: Soya Milk Benefits For Skin

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    Soya Milk Benefits For Skin

    Nowadays I see most of the people consume Soy milk for healthy fitness & moreover I heard that Soy milk is rich for skin, is that true statement??
    Am in need of this information immediately coz am suffering out of Acne crisis, if the statement is true, I can start consuming soy milk regularly...

    Kindly leave your valuable comments here!!

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    Yup! Consuming Soy milk is good for skin, It has benefits like:-
    Tightening Skin
    Soy Milk Anti-Aging Agent
    Cures Acne
    Protects Skin Against UV Damages
    Keeps skin soft and supple
    Lightens Skin
    It Adds moisture

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    It's more beneficial for the bones.

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    Seema you are correct..

    Other benefits of Soya milk are:

    It strengthens blood vessels.
    It helps in weight loss.
    It helps to prevent osteoporosis..
    It reduces Cholesterol.
    Soya milk is rich in isoflavones that helps in preventing various cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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