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Thread: Tips to keep your kids busy without television

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    Tips to keep your kids busy without television

    Hey guys,

    I am facing a major problem with my elder son he seats in front of the system and plays games till late night after school. if I turn off the system he turns on the television and starts to watch cartoons, He is just 8 years old he is very playful. And I am scared he will get addicted to it, Please help me with tips to Tips to keep my kids busy without television and games

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    They are just kids why do you want to control them I do understand your concerns, But kids will always be playful and naughty. They will learn little by little leave them free, do not control them. Iíll tell you some of the ways you can keep you kids busy and away from T.V and computers. You can have fun time drawing Pull out some paper, crayons, colored pencils, etc. Let them draw on their own or give them ideas. or buy some puzzle games and block games play as a family.

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    Just leave them alone and allow them to do whatever they want to. Once they start playing they will forget everything..

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