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Thread: Recipes for Your Vegetarian Baby

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    Recipes for Your Vegetarian Baby

    Hi I would like to share Vegetarian Recipe for Babies, I hope everyone likes it, I read it in some website I for the website name, but I do remember the Ingredients that we and how to prepare it.

    Ingredients that we need are.
    100gms cauliflower
    100gms potato
    100gms broccoli
    190ml milk
    1 pinch black pepper
    50g cheddar cheese (grated)

    Method to prepare:

    Take the potato peel the skins off and cut them into small pieces and keep it aside, now take a saucepan add the vegetables and add the 190ml of milk in it, Now allow it to boil and then simmer it for 15-20 mins till it gets tender. Take it from heat and allow it to cool down..! Then add the grated cheese mix it till the cheese get melted and add a pinch of black pepper in it and mix it once again, itís ready to serve.

    If you want you can even grind it to a soupy consistency and serve it.

    trust me itís worth trying..! please do try it and write back.

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    Sure looks tasty..! But my concern is will my baby like itÖ? Iíll give a try for once and I think we can add even green peas in it. And add pinch of salt for taste.

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    Usually the babies that are vegetarian will love to have something different. Always the same old recipes, they will feel bugged. One of my friends has a one year old kid which is a vegetarian baby. She would always give some of the nutritious foods for her baby; sometimes she would steam or boil all the vegetables. With that soup she will mix some rice and feed her baby. She really loves it. The recipe mentioned above are also good.

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