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Thread: Famous Food Items Of Gujarat

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    Famous Food Items Of Gujarat

    Hii Gujarati friends of Sukh dukh!!!
    I have heard about Gujarati foods. Gujarati foods are unique and very tasty.
    I read somewhere that gujarati food differs from season to season. It that true?
    What are the famous Gujarati food items?
    Let’s spread the taste of Gujarati dishes from sukh dukh..
    Share the famous food items of Gujarat…

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    Hi friends!!!
    Gujarati Bhojan ka naam sunte hi mujhe 3 Idiots movie mein Kareena Kapoor ka ek famous dialogue yaad aatha hai.. She says “Tum Gujararti bade cute hote ho,par tum log ka khana itna khatarnak kyun hota hain? Dhoklaaa, Theplaaa, Fafdaaa, Handvaaa… Aisa lagta hain koi missiles hain”…. Hahaha…

    Actually Gujarat foods are not like missiles, they are more tastier than other regional foods..
    Gujarati foods are unique and most are vegetarians.. The main ingredients that Gujarati’s mostly use in their foodstuffs are yogurt, coconut, sesame seeds, lime juice, groundnut, sugar etc.. The Gujarati thali won’t be complete without sweet and sour pickles and chutneys..

    The most famous Gujarati food items comprises of:
    Kachumbar (Vegetable salad)
    Kadhi (made of buttermilk)
    Bajri roti

    They main side dish for chapathi, roti or puri is Shrikhand, which is made up of curd..
    They always have Sweet lassi or Khara lassi with lunch..

    Gujarat has plenty of milk production. So their staple food include curd, milk, ghee and other milk products like Shrikhand, etc..
    The most famous sweet of Gujarat is Basundi.. it is made up of milk..

    Hope you have got an idea about Gujarati food..
    If you find any good Gujarati Hotel nearby your residence, then do taste Gujarati foods..

    You will surely find the real taste of food.. It will be yummyyy… You will be tempted to taste it again and again..
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