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Thread: which android phone is best?

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    which android phone is best?

    hello friends

    I am planning to buy a new android phone. but the market is flooded with so many phones that it is difficult to choose a right phone.so please suggest me a good android phone. I also want to know that is there applications r free or need to buy.

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    Hi Ahuja,

    A mobile always ranks the position as per the performance, and the features installed in it. According to me, Android Phone which ranks the highest place as off now is Samsung Galaxy S III.

    Before buying a mobile, list all your needs and what are the configurations you expect in a mobile. Then look for the mobile with gratify all your needs.

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    Lightbulb Selecting Android phone

    Hi luckyahuja

    Please let the thread know if you have any specific needs regarding speed/apps/usability etc etc. If you have very few ideas about what you want, then any old Android will do ; ) (Meaning, look mainly at the price.) Maybe you are inspired by the latest tech stuff, or maybe you want heavy duty gaming, or perhaps plenty storage for photographs, video or music etc.

    When using an Android phone, you can download TONNES of free apps from "Google Play". Or pay a very low fee for some. That goes for ANY android phone.

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