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Thread: Tips On Hostel Life In India

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    Tips On Hostel Life In India

    Hi Friends!!
    I need a suggestion from you guys…
    My brother want to Guwahati for his higher studies.. He is preparing for the entrance exams..
    I love my brother very much.. He is like a kid to me.. I don’t know exactly about the hostel life..
    Can you guys give me some tips on Hostel life in India? So that I can tell my brother about how to live in Hostel..
    Waiting for your replies..

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    All the best for your brother to get admission in IIT..
    Don’t worry too much about your brother.. Hostel life will be cool.. HE will understand many things in Hostel.. He will learn about life, friendship, love, etc..
    He will surely enjoy his life.. No need to worry about studies too. The faculties will be more caring and responsible than other colleges..
    Just tell him to take care of his belongings.. Co-students won’t steal the things but he may misplace the thing.
    Ask him to avoid unnecessary fights and quarrels..
    That’s it….. hostel is a best place that will teach about life..

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