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Thread: NRI - Need help selecting a program and the process of admission into a college/uni

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    Red face NRI - Need help selecting a program and the process of admission into a college/uni

    Hey my name is Jag Shergill, I currently reside in Toronto Ontario which is located in Canada. I'm finishing my high school education by March 2013 this up coming year and my parents want me to do a years worth of education in India due to the fact that I haven't lived there other than going to visit family. Well I'm very interested in phys. ed and sports even though I want to complete the rest of my studies here in order to do policing, therefore I was thinking perhaps a course in phys. ed. would be possible? Like a B.Ed? What are the prerequisites required to do my B.Ed and how would I go about getting a admission like what part of the year does school start for you guys? Also I'm looking for a school located around Himachal, Chandigarh or Delhi that have nice residences to live in.. like do residences come equipped with a gym so that I can workout? Or do I need to find a local gym and go there?

    I also love to play basketball, I'm hoping India has colleges/uni's that have basketball courts? or teams? lol please fill me in on this one.

    Thank you for reading my post and I would appreciate any responses!
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    Hi why dont you join Amity university in Lucknow this has a huge campus and they offer B.Ed...! i will provide you the website link you can check it for further information and check the home page about the university.

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