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Thread: Life Of Pi Review

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    Life Of Pi Review

    When I look into current Hollywood gossips, most of the magazines contain information about Life Of Pi film. Is this movie so splendid to watch by all group of age?? If so, then kindly somebody inscribe brief review of this movie…


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    Life Of Pi is an adventure English movie, directed & produced by Ang Lee. The complete narration of Life Of Pi is replication of Yann Martel's 2001 novel.

    Life Of Pi Cast Members:-

    • Director – Ang Lee
    • Producer – Ang Lee/Gil Netter/David Womark
    • Screenplay - David Magee
    • Cinematography - Claudio Miranda
    • Music - Mychael Danna

    Starring :-

    • Irfan Khan (Piscine Molitor) "Pi"
    • Gautam Belur - Pi, age 5
    • Ayush Tandon - Pi, age 11 - 12
    • Suraj Sharma - Pi, age 16
    • Vibish Sivakumar (Ravi Patel), Pi's older brother, age 18/19
    • Mohamed Abbas Khaleeli (Ravi), age 15
    • Ayan Khan (Ravi), age 7
    • Tabu (Gita Patel) Pi's Mother
    • Adil Hussain (Santosh Patel) Pi's father
    • Gιrard Depardieu – Cook
    • Bo-Chieh Wang – Sailor
    • Rafe Spall – Writer
    • Shravanthi Sainath (Anandi) Pi's teenage girlfriend
    • Andrea Di Stefano (Priest)

    A known fact is, Life of Pi hit a box office collection of $49 million worldwide!!

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    Well its kinda boring..but if u can go hru it u can njy awesme graphics and visual effects...its a treat actually

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