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Thread: Leh ladakh best time to visit

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    Leh ladakh best time to visit

    Hi Friends,

    Have you guys been to ladakh? if yes kindly tell me some good interesting fact about this place and also do let me know when we can visit this place? I mean in which month ?

    Reply me soon.

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    Hello dear,

    Ladakh is the coolest place where everyone will love to go and enjoy beauty and climate of this place especially when it is snow fall, for wonderful place for newly married couples, I came to know from a magazine that from the month of May till September it will be the perfect time for visiting Ladakh and also comfortably cold zone not much icy not burning sun you will be enjoying.....

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    Thanks for the Info Pooja. I was planning to go on a trip with my wife. Your info really helped me to decide when should i go.

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