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Thread: Interview Questions For Parents For Nursery Admission

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    Interview Questions For Parents For Nursery Admission

    Hi can anyone know about interview question for parents for Nursery admission? I need to guide me elder brother. He want admit his daughter in the nursery this year.. Kindly help me in this regard..

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    Hello Sir,
    Tell your brother not to worry about interview questions that are asked for the admission of Nursery student.. Your brother might have attended many interviews for his job, this nursery admission interview question will not be that much tough as compared to company interview.. So ask your bro to stay cool.. His kid will get admission..
    For your satisfaction let me put some questions in front of you that are mostly asked in interviews for nursery admission.

    • Define about successful parenting?
    • How your child interested in studies?
    • Is your child potty trained?
    • Where do you work and as?
    • Detail about your child.
    • What are your child interests?
    • In your absence, who takes care of your child?
    • Are the cartoon channels beneficial or harmful according to you?
    • Why are you keen on only this school?

    Hope you have got an idea about interview question that are asked in nurseries and schools.

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