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Thread: Top 5 On-Screen Bollywood Couples

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    Top 5 On-Screen Bollywood Couples

    It has been long time over gossiping on Bollywood……….. Well, Day by day we could see Bollywood industry is growing huge empire and I hope this is the exact time to raise question like which 5 Couples look best On-Screen in Bollywood??

    I want all Bollywood admires to take part in this witty survey!!! Hope u will

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    ~~~~~Extremely Interesting Post ~~~~~

    You did not mention whether it is Reel or Real couple, Anyways personally my all-time favorite On Screen Bollywood pair is Kajol <-> SRK & Kajol <-> Ajay Devgan.

    I would also like to mention names of most picky recent On Screen Bollywood couples, they are:-
    1. Saif Ali Khan <-> Kareena Kapoor
    2. Imran Khan <-> Anushka Sharma
    3. Ranbir Kapoor <-> Katrina Kaif
    4. Akshay Kumar <-> Sonakshi Sinha
    5. Deepika Padukone <-> SRK

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