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Thread: Online MBA benefits?

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    Online MBA benefits?

    Can any one tell the benefits of online MBA programs! Is it better than the regular MBA courses?

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    MBA is such a wonderful course, it is also a globally recognized business PG course and a valuable qualification for all the commerce students, who are aiming at becoming an international business leaders. I am happy that you have chosen this course......since you had asked some benefits of online MBA programs I would like to share it with you........

    Here are some benefits of online MBA courses;

    • Online MBA curriculum normally consists of lectures assignments which are available for download from electronic form as text, audio, multimedia etc....
    • Another basic and an important benefit is that, there is no need of your physical presence in the college or university.
    • Stress will be reduced
    • Enrolling in online MBA programs has its unique benefits instead of going to the college directly, sitting in the classroom and listening to the lectures with various distractions, this is the best choice I guess.
    • In case of online MBA programs, there are chances for you to learn more and your thinking capacity will also be changed.
    • Another advantage of online courses is that, you can do both the work simultaneously, i.e. you can do your studies as well as work.

    I think it is better for you to go with online MBA!!!!

    Hope you understood!!!

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    Hi Friend

    It is not at all sounds good, because you cannot clarify your doubts.. there are many things as our friend vivek as mentioned..

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    this is very good that you are intrested to share you query here. first thing is MBA is very good program. in India it is getting more popular now a days, and for online mba there are very healthy option to get mba with distance, ipsmeerut.com is one of the leader in distance education in india who provide MBA program in India on a very fine structure

    you can do part time job
    can earn money with learning,
    can do other diploma program also if you have additional skills,

    well dear if you really want to go with MBA program then you may go with distance MBA....

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    [QUOTE=beingatulk;273437]Can any one tell the benefits of online MBA programs! Is it better than the regular MBA courses?[/QUOTE]
    There is nothing better than joining a regular course.
    I always suggest to do MBA regular course.
    Online MBA is not better in any way than regular.
    It only provides flexibility and study with job.

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    Hey Friends,

    Thanks a lot for opening my eyes, Actually I have insisted my cousin sis to join online mba, after reading every ones comment, Now I have suggested him to do regular itself..

    Thanks to all

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