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Thread: How To Keep Your Bank Account Safe

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    How To Keep Your Bank Account Safe

    I heard a gossip that one person had cheated a millionaire in a fraction of minute through fake calls. What happened is, one fraud man has called this millionaire to his mobile nos mentioning this call is from bank where he has maintained all his accounts, and he has asked for all pin numbers and rest other personal details, I don’t know what made this foolish millionaire to give all such details. After giving the information he checked his bank statement online the account number was blocked and entire statement was corrupted…

    I dono how far It is true, but it alerted me to be safe, So currently am looking for directives to keep my account secured…. If somebody wishes to donate advices regarding it, kindly do share it as soon as possible.

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    No these kind of incidence happen frequently….

    First safety measure is, don’t ever give personal details through phone calls and emails.

    Never leave bank statements/checkbooks in open view around public places.

    Don’t ever give blank check signed.

    Logon frequently to check transactions online.

    Change your password frequently.

    Change your PIN number frequently.

    Always go in for joint account, so that needs two signatures.

    Set up software blockade to pc such as firewalls, spyware blocking, and anti-virus.

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    Corruption, Thrift & Harassment is happening highly everywhere especially in banking and all money related fields.
    For self rescuing from bank account fraud we need to follow certain directives like:-

    The PIN number which we create for baking security must not be well famous numbers like birth date & year.

    Habitually we must change our PIN number.

    Do not checkmark password remembrance on your PC.

    Do not speak over PIN (password) related stuffs on cordless phone.

    Do not share PIN (password) blindly over phone with customer support executives.

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