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Thread: I Dont Like My Boss - Advise Please

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    I Dont Like My Boss - Advise Please

    I work for a small organization as CSE, initial days of my job were hectic & weird it’s because I was working under irresponsible female supervisor. This female was familiar with partiality so no much talented people in our team had chance to expose their capabilities.

    When days passed by our team were growing big and it was forced to include new manager, by god’s grace I was shifted to new mangers team. She was a simple & kind hearted female who wished to encourage each and every member of the team, whereas I was specified with higher initiatives works, those days gave heavenly feeling.

    But after a year when this manager got several promotions, don’t know its coz of it or what she just turned her character like first manager and started to torcher regularly, but still I was given initiative works.

    You know what’s problem now?? “Initiative” My boss forgets all initiative work she gives, and then she will charge me by asking how much have you done today?? What’s your target?? Why so less?? And also she tends to pull legs in front of everybody. This is actually an insult, I don’t mind if they call me separately and speak about my problem, disclosing our drawback in front of entire team is silly….

    How to deal with these kinds of managers!! First of all I wanted to know is it mandatory to change our good thoughts to ---------- when we get higher promotions?????

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    Cool buddy!
    She could have charged you on a day when she was tensed with some official/personal work and pulling leg is common everywhere so don’t consider these things as personal….. Instead think that was not your day……….

    Actually you should feel pride to be part of that team, coz you were specified for most of the initiative works, where no one beside you got that chance! Isn’t it????

    Follow this strategy “Forget & forgive”

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    keep on working

    keep on working with such bosses, You'll know more about yourself.

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    Hi siddharth.............

    It seems so silly this is not a problem at all. In work place all these are very common no matter whatever it is the higher or lower authorities will expect some additional working skills. Do not get angry on her. Be positive in your approach towards her; whatever she says, you just do it, then see the change in her. All these will create a positive thought in her mind about you.

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