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Thread: Women Are Better Managers Than Men

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    Women Are Better Managers Than Men

    Do you agree that women’s are better manager than men?????

    According to me only capable women’s are suitable for this superior post not biased ladies….

    What are your opinion guys?????
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    Hey come-on!
    I think it’s your bad time that you worked under women who show favoritism.
    In fact working under women power is divine and pleasurable; I hope you have gender discrimination thought in your mind that is why you’re against women’s control.

    Think positively, so everything will be in place…..

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    I will never accept that women are better managers than men, because I have faced several issues working under women’s control. They are seriously devils, doesn’t know how to handle team just with influence of educational qualifications they are given such higher promotions. Only one Among thousand women managers is good…

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