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Thread: Dhoni Should Resign After England Series?

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    Dhoni Should Resign After England Series?

    Hey all!
    Should Dhoni resign after England Series? What you guys say?
    Even though he made Indian team to win world cups but he failed to win the series in our own land.. He lost almost 21 test matches that are played in India.. If he still be a series captain, I think we will lose still more series..
    According to me Dhoni should resign his captainship from test matches.

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    This is not a proper decision according to me because his captainship made India to won many world cups.. We should not forget this… We won’t get captain like him again.. He is the best captain of India..

    Instead of grabbing back his captainship from test matches, the cricket authorities should put more pressure on him and ask him and his team to perform well in test matches..

    I can say that no other members except Dhoni can hold a captainship in a proper way after Saurav ganguly..
    People can recommend Sehwag and Kohli, but I don’t have hopes on them..

    Share your views… What do you guys think?

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    new delhi
    Yes whynot dhoni has finished his shine power.

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    Thumbs up Mahindra Sing Dhoni

    Dhoni is Great Player In Indian Team... He Is a Match Winning Player .

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    I dont like dhoni, he is not capable for captain at all.. better take him off from that position..

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