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Thread: Bigg Boss 6 Winner Name

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    Bigg Boss 6 Winner Name

    Hi everyone,

    This thread is for all Bigg Boss Lovers and fans. Hope, you all are watching this reality show with full of zeal and enthusiasm. Now the show is in Week 10. Still, there are 4 more weeks to go to know the winner of this season. I can’t wait for four more weeks now. I have started this thread to find out who will win the title of this season of Bigg Boss 6. Viewers and fans of Bigg Boss-6 can come forward to share their votes and opinions about their favorite players.

    Then we can find the champion by the majority of votes… Come on guys, please poll your votes to find the title winner of Bigg Boss 6!!!
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    Hey Friend,

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. This will add more fanaticism to all the viewers of the Bigg Boss 6. Everyone has their own likes and opinions. My vote will be for Urvashi Dholakia, the Indian TV actress. She is very polite and candid in her dealings.

    Letís wait and watch!!!

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