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Thread: Best Of Pandit Ravishankar

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    Best Of Pandit Ravishankar

    Hi friends,

    I love to play sitar. I have nagged my parents to join me in the sitar classes. This is because of the inspirations I had on Pandit Ravishankar. His death is a great loss for all his fans. As my Sitar class is going to get over by next month, I’m planning to gift all my friends a CD or DVD with his best compositions. For that, I’m collecting the popular numbers of Pandit Ravishankar.

    Please help me, by listing all the best of his symphony!!!


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    Hey Dude,

    That was a good idea!!! This will make all your friends to follow the best of great musician, Pandit Ravishankar, and they can keep this remembering him while playing and listening to the albums. Here is a list of few and best compositions of Pandit Ravishankar…

    • Raga Mian Ki Malhar
    • Raga Kausi Kanhra
    • Raga Mishra Ghara Dhun
    • Raga Sindhura

    • Raga Mishra Kafi
    • Shree ( Alap , Jod , Jhala , Gat )
    • Sindhu Bhairavi(alap,thumri ,dadra ,gat)
    • Khayal - Eri Kab Aave Sajan

    • Khayal - Ae Kartar Puri Karo
    • Thumri - Naina More Tabas Rahe
    • Thumri - Kate Na Birha Ki Raat

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    A Tribute to late Pandit Ravishankar G

    Yes friend we have lost a big man from our music industry.

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    Yes Guys I do agree with clintoncerejo we have lost a big man in our music Industry, I always listen to his music track whenever I am stressed out his music lifts me up big time. Hi ravivasudeva, download the songs which maheshvivid has shared with you those song which is mentioned are my all time favorites.

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