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Thread: Kannadada Kotyadhipathi Registration Procedure

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    Kannadada Kotyadhipathi Registration Procedure

    Hello everyone,

    My cousin, who is in Bangalore, is planning to participate in the second season of Kannadada Kotyadhipathi, popular show in Suvarna Channel. She has done her Masters in Mass Communication. She doesn’t know how to register to become a participant of this show. Can anyone tell me, the procedure for registering in Kanndada Kotyadhipathi in detail???

    Please share your replies soon!!!

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    Hi Friend,

    Most of the persons are very much interested to take part in this Grand Show. The registration process for participating in this second season is so simple, and it can be done through SMS. Follow the steps given below to register yourself as a contestant...

    • Contestants can register their number to participate in this show by texting in the following format:
    "KK" "YOUR ANSWER OPTION" [A/B/C/D] to 57827

    • Once the message has been sent in the prescribed format, every contestant will receive a text message thanking him/her for completing the registration process. Then it will ask the contestants to enter some of the details like...

    • Once this has been sent in the prescribed format, they’ll receive another text message "Thank you for registering for KK.

    • If you’re shortlisted, you will receive a call. Attend the by yourself. And this means the completion of the registration process through the SMS for that particular question.

    • If you’ve sent the message in a wrong format, you’ll receive a response message stating that it is an "Invalid entry. Please re-submit your entry in the prescribed format"

    Hope, this details are quite enough to complete your registration process!!!

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    Hey... right from season one i had an interest to participate in kannadadha kotiyaadhipathi; but it couldn’t happen for various reasons. But this time i never wanted to miss the opportunity. The main reason that i wish to be a part of this show is that, it is a popular quiz competition. I would like to utilize my general knowledge skills. When i was looking for the process of registration for this special game show, i came across your post senindra, it was really helpful. Thank you for sharing the useful information.

    Once again thanks!!!

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