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Thread: Effects of using laptop on your lap

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    Effects of using laptop on your lap

    Laptop is a very proficient and also an important tool for many people, like businessman, housewives, college students, etc.....Almost all use laptops for one or the other reason. Businessman use this every day, than women men use it more. Am I right? Using these laptops on a daily basis for browsing chatting, watching movies, videos, facebook etc. will it affect? is there any effect on placing the laptops on our laps? If so! Can anyone please tell some of the bad effects of placing laptop on the laps?

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    Hi kumar...

    As you said laptop is a very common thing almost all of them use it. Using your laptop helps you in getting all things done, using a laptop does not affect, but placing it on a lap will definitely affect the user. It is better that men learn that they are in a risk losing fertility if they use it excessively. The main thing to be said that the men will lose fertility, because of the excessive heat generated by the computers or laptops.

    There are a lot of assumptions that placing laptops on the lap will reduce menís sperm count. For women it may lead to some birth defects. So it is better to avoid using laptops on the lap.............

    Hope it helped!!

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