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Thread: can branded bazaars solve my problem?

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    can branded bazaars solve my problem?

    i've decided to buy vegetables and chickens myself as i recently found the maid stealing money and buying rotten items. now, what i don't like about our traditional bazaars is the stench and filth. i am wondering whether reliance fresh, spencers, and food bazaar ( pantaloon ) will be able to meet my demands.

    we don't like chicken very much and rarely eat 1kg. can i get 500 grams of chicken in these 3 branded bazaars and will they peel off the skin and cut it in pieces? same for the fish also - can i get it in small quantities ( 500 grams ) and will they cut it too??

    can i buy certain vegetables in small quantities in these branded bazaars? for instance, a slice of gourd and 4 sticks of bhindi??

    ( fyi : i live in kolkata )
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