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Thread: Hottest new jodi's of bollywood for 2012

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    Hottest new jodi's of bollywood for 2012

    Hi folks..................

    Last week I had been to my friends place we all had a small get together all of our friends had been there normally when we guys gather together we use to discuss about movies as well as movie stars this time we were discussing about bollywood stars and about their jodis one of my friends told that siddharth and vidyabalan are the hottest new jodis but I refused I said kareena and saif are the best pair ever...... according to you who do you think is the new hottest jodiís of bollywood? Please share your views

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    Hello all..

    Bollywood industry is normally besotted with lot of trends and formulas. Selecting the right pair of hero and heroine is one of the most difficult aspects to a shot success. There are many new jodiís in bollywood, even though there are many, I would like to mention some of the hottest new Jodiís;

    Here are those;

    Akshay kumar and asin: They both made news for amazing chemistry in houseful 2.
    Ranveer singh and anushka sharma: This is one of the best on screen bollywood Jodi.
    John Abraham and deepika padkone: I really like this Jodi. They both are one of the hot onscreen couple

    If you all know more about this, please feel free to share.......

    Thank you!

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