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Thread: Should Dhoni Be Sacked As Captain?

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    Should Dhoni Be Sacked As Captain?

    Hi friends,

    You all know that, Dhoni has done a lot to our Indian Cricket Team. His captaincy helped our team to capture the World Cup and number one in test matches too. Everyone are thinking that the downfall of our Indian Cricket Team is because of Dhoniís Captaincy, as Indian Team faced eight successive Test defeats in England and Australia.

    Many of the critics are like Dhoniís lead should be sacked from our Indian Team. But, former national selector Mohinder Amarnath declared that, Dhoni would not be axed from his position due to some internal reason. What do you people say on this???

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    Hey Dude,

    This downfall is not only in Dhoniís captaincy; many of the leads in our Indian Team were also faced this kind of criticism from the spectators and from the team players. Being a great admirer of Dhoni, I feel that everyone should think about the glory days which earned credit and fame to our team. Whatever we decide; BCCI should fix on who should be in team and who should be kicked out.

    I feel that, he should be given another chance to prove his captaincy!!!

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    As the present situation other than Dhoni there is no other that he could do captaincy in Indian team.. So he sould not be saked...

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    Sacking Dhoni is crucial decision!

    Indians usually have very bad viewpoint like they should always be victorious succession no failures @ all. If this as case no leader will remain for long time until unless their luck support them.

    I would say currently no other Indian team member is capable for Captainship other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni, since his statistics is anyways ranking higher than other members of the team.

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni Career Statistics :-
    Test Matches - 73
    Runs Scored - 4,090
    Batting Average - 38.06
    100s - 5
    50s - 28
    Top Score - 224 [1]
    Balls Bowled - 78
    Catches - 203
    Stumping - 31
    Wickets - 0

    ODI Matches - 219
    Runs Scored - 7,259
    Batting Average - 51.85
    Bowling Average Ė 14.00
    Best Bowling - 1/14
    100s - 8
    50s - 48
    Top Score - 183
    Balls Bowled - 12
    Catches - 206
    Stumping - 68
    Wickets - 1

    FC Matches - 114
    Runs Scored - 6,045
    Batting Average - 36.63
    100s - 8
    50s - 42
    Top Score - 148
    Balls Bowled - 108
    Catches - 311
    Stumping - 50
    Wickets - 0

    T20 Matches - 42
    Runs Scored - 748
    Batting Average - 31.16
    100s - 0
    50s - 0
    Top Score - 48
    Balls Bowled - 108
    Catches - 21
    Stumping - 8
    Wickets - 0

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    Hey seriously no....

    Dhoni is such a wonderful player, within few days after his entry into the Indian cricket team he turned out to be a popular cricket player, not all would be like dhoni. Each player is unique they are in either way good. For example sachin is good in batting; yuvraj is good at bowling etc....

    Most of them think that itís all because of the captain-ship of dhoni, that Indian team lost 8 matches. But that is not the right way of thinking. This could also move positive, because of his captain-ship Indian team won the world cup match. I could just say itís the bad time for dhoni.........thatís all.
    This is my personal opinion....

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