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Thread: Floral decorations ideas for wedding

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    Floral decorations ideas for wedding

    Hi all....

    One of my friends is been engaged his marriage is been fixed all her family members are preparing for the wedding lot of planning is going on since they have a only son they are planning to do his wedding in an ostentatious manner. They are almost done with half of the things, but some works are pending, only small things are kept aside like wedding flower decorations, mandap decorations etc...... Since this is the first marriage they are not equipped with much idea, they are looking for some ideas for flower arrangement for the wedding. They asked me; even I do not know much about this. Can anyone help me on this?

    Please do reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Hi prerna...

    Wedding is such a beautiful occasion, during that time our entire friends and relatives gather together to grace that occasion. The wedding flowers help to set the tone for the wedding day. Flower arrangement is one of the important and an attractive thing, it should be in such a way that almost all should never forget at least for a week.

    There are huge collections of wedding flowers. Light pink with purple will be a wonderful combination and it will be attractive also.
    Red and white rose will really look royal, with a lovely fragrance.
    You can also create whiffle balls and hang it over with a ribbon, I will tell you how to do the balls.
    Hanging flower balls can also be made very easily. Whiffle balls from dollar store, dollar store duplicate flowers and then pull out the stems of the flower, put glue around the circle in the whiffle ball. Press flower into the hole making sure the bottom of the flower, continue doing the same process until the ball is full of flowers, then you can hang with a ribbon.

    Tell them to try this, it will really be good.

    Hope it helped!!!!

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