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Thread: Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas

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    Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas

    Hi folks.......

    One of my cousins is getting married very soon. Since this is the last marriage in the family and he is the youngest one in the family, their parents love him too much. They are planning to do his wedding in a different way. Usually in marriages first preference is given for flower decorations, they did not get ideas on wedding flowers and reception decors. So in order to make that wedding a memorable one they are planning something different .Can anyone please give your valuable ideas on this?

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    Hi all......

    Wedding is such a graceful occasion, it just happens only once in a while. The wedding reception should be an unforgettable one to all those who attend the wedding for this the arrangements should be neat and attractive...

    Here I would like to share some ideas based on this;

    Decorate the ceremony entrance with flower-filled urns that can later be moved to the reception.
    You can also use flowers and candlelight at different levels to give a spark to a design
    You can arrange the flowers into one side to a large ribbon for an elegant decoration piece
    U can even use a single rose to the seats of both bride and the groom
    Another thing which can be done is garland the center of the table with flowers and candles
    You can also sprinkle rose petals on the table on which the cake is kept
    Decorate cake cable with flowers

    Hope it helped!!!!!

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