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Thread: Famous Indian Photographers

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    Famous Indian Photographers

    Hi Folks,

    Photography is art of passion because a picture speaks a hundred of words. Sweet memories, everlasting moments etc can be hidden in the form of photography. I am searching for the most popular Indian photographers and get inspired.

    By profession I want to become a photographer. Kindly keep me posted on the list of photographers. Also I wanna know, can this photography categorized?

    Please guide me.
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    Hi Friend,

    It’s a great profession and you can opt for it. As you said photography is a life of art. It can be categories as wild photography, documentary, fashion etc. I have a list of most popular photographers like:

    Well-known Photographers

    • Bandi Rajan Babu
    • Gautam Rajadhyaksha
    • Homai Vyarawalla
    • Madhaviah Krishnan
    • Raghu Rai

    Documentary Photographers

    • Kalyan Varma
    • Rathika Ramasamy
    • Sunjoy Monga
    • Thakur Dalip Singh
    • Anup Shah

    Fashion Photographers

    • Nisha Kutty
    • Tarun Khiwal
    • Aneesh Bhasin
    • Fawzan Hussain
    • Milind A. Ketkar

    I hope this information is satisfied you.

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    Hey Guys!

    Photography is a very emotional profession and it can be categorized as listed below.

    o Abstract photographer
    o Advertising photographer
    o Aerial photographer
    o Architectural photographer
    o Art photographer
    o Digital photography
    o Documentary photographer
    o Ethnographic photographer
    o Fashion photographer
    o Food photographer
    o Industrial photographer
    o Interiors photographer
    o Landscape photographer
    o Portraitist
    o Scientific/technical photographer
    o Sports photographer
    o War photographer

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    Photography is an art. Only those people who have interest in photography can click a good snap. Not every person has this talent. Many people have camera but only those who has real interest in photography knows how to click a project to make it more attractive. The best example we can give is the recently released tamil movie called “Mayakkam Enna”. In that movie, the director has pictured the life of a photographer. How much strain they take for an impressive snap. And wild life photography is the most demanding profession in this era. To become a wildlife photographer is really very difficult. The person needs lots of patience and concentration for wild life photography. He should be very alert to take an unique click. In such manner, many Indian photographers have achieved the peak of photography with the dedication in their work. Some of the talented photographers as far as I know have listed below. Hope you will like it.
    List of Documentary Photographer:
    • Sanjit Das
    • Senthil Nadhan
    • Victor George
    • Yatin Patel
    • Arindham Mukherjee
    • Arko Datta
    • Amit Madheshiya
    • Chirodeep Chaudhari
    • Dayanitha Singh
    • Prashant Panjir
    • Palani mohan

    List of Wild Life Photographer:
    • Rathika Ramasamy
    • Dalip Singh
    • Shekar Dattari
    • Anup Shah
    • Kalyan Varma
    • Sandesh Kadur

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