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Thread: shahrukh khan vs salman khan who is better?

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    shahrukh khan vs salman khan who is better?

    Hi friends

    I would like to know who is better shahrukh khan or salman khan ?

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    I am the fan of Srk khan is the better performance surely by all the time records . since you have asked about the comparision between two great actors, according to me salman khan is having good physique much of the liking girls fan . But sharukh khan is the wonderful actor we seen tin the starting television serial called circus . he is the best he can do serious role and comic role as well . Salman falls on the serious roles . I think something is missing in his performance . I must appreciate his dancing ability . Many people crazy about him But I think he got the popularity due to the script of his block buster . on the other hand srk is quite better in his acting and dialogue . srk is always best

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    salman khan is good by nature and behaviour and personality

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    Hi all,

    According to me the best actor is “shahrukh khan” becauise, he is really charming and a lovely human being. Shahrukh is also one of my favorite actors in bollywood. He is also called as badhshah of bollywood industry. The best thing about shahrukh is whatever role he do i.e. both comedy and serious he gives 100% justice to that. His contributions to the film industry have garnered him for more achievements including fourteen Filmfare Awards from thirty nominations. He is better!!

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