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Thread: Is Sachin Tendulkar Retiring?

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    Is Sachin Tendulkar Retiring?

    Hi folks............

    I basically love cricket. I am a great fan of the super star of indian cricket team sachin Tendulkar I will never miss to watch any match almost I will watch each and every match. When I was reading through a magazine where I came across an article which had mentioned that sachin Tendulkar is retiring from indian cricket. When I saw that I was really shocked I just wanted to know whether it is a rumor or is it true? Please do share your views and opinions on this...................

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi Rahul.......

    According to the information which I got, it is said that the former England captain “Michael vaghaun” says that sachin Tendulkar should retire after the Nagpur test for the sake of indian team. But I do not how far it is true...............
    He also said that, it is time for sachin to move on. That he can’t play forever and he also told that other youngsters should be given chance. But Dhoni hopes Tendulkar will continue playing.

    Another important thing is Richards told for BBC radio shropshire that only the senior person should decide, whether to continue or retire and he also said that Nobody qualified to suggest Sachin Tendulkar on retirement. Hope so that sachin will continue.

    If you guys know more about it, please do share it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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